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About   the   Garden   State   Cat   Club

GARDEN STATE CAT CLUB, organized in 1936, is the third oldest cat club affiliated with CFA (Cat Fancier's Association). The objectives as stated in the constitution are:

Sue's Maine Coon cat Pepper
  1. To promote the welfare of all cats.
  2. To create interest in, and knowledge of cats by the staging of shows, seminars, educational presentations and interaction with the public and other organizations having similar objectives.
  3. To cooperate with and provide financial support to feline research and welfare facilities.
  4. To encourage proper care and responsible ownership of all cats.
  5. To encourage and cultivate friendships through social and cat show-related activities

The club contributes to animal welfare and feline health organizations as funds permit. We also monitor legislative issues that may impact on pet ownership and the breeding of pedigreed cats.

If you are interested in learning more about membership in our club, as well as our meetings, please visit our membership page.